Tea Timers at Hotel Daniel

The tea room at Hotel Daniel might be my new escape from the Paris freeze.

tea hotel daniel 38

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Four Days in Japan, Pt. 3

With just one day left, we took to the streets of Tokyo with Marina, our fearless leader.

tokyo temple bell

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Four Days in Japan, Pt. 2

After a whirlwind first two days in Tokyo, we decided to get out of dodge like two bats out of hell.

Except we loved Tokyo instantly, and coming from Paris it’s really more of a peaceful, heaven-like sanctuary.

But still, I was on a mission to see some temples, bless my fledgling pregnancy, find my Zen, and continue on our culinary bushwhacking tour of Japan.

Kyoto was a no-brainer day trip from Tokyo.

lantern temple kyoto japan

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Four days in Japan, Pt. 1

Happy new year, folks!

Summery had quite an eventful end to 2014, and I am now back with sweet and savory memories of our fall trip to Japan.

dinner at the counter fuku tokyo

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Hazel Greek Baklava

Over the summer we went to Greece, and we brought back this easy and scrumptious Greek baklava recipe.

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