Hazel Greek Baklava

Over the summer we went to Greece, and we brought back this easy and scrumptious Greek baklava recipe.

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Under the Olive Groves in Crete

Our last days in Crete were spent oceanside, in the shade of olive groves and exquisite bougainvilleas.

travel blogger bougainvilleas crete greece

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Coast to Canyon in Crete

We arrived to Crete on the late ferry from Santorini, and drove straight into the mountains.

travel blogger in crete greece

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Dawn to Dusk in Santorini

With a full night of sleep to recharge the batteries, we made a pact to wake up the next day at the break of dawn.

summery sunrise santorini greece

This day we would finally loop around the island and see the Santorini of our dreams.

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Yiamas, Santorini!

This summer we were desperate for a seaside sojourn. Big city life had exhausted us – crawling in and out of the metro, working nonstop, shivering through most of the year, and sleeping to the big city sounds.

We wanted to go somewhere new, warm, salty, and sandy. After much map-gazing we decided to fly off to Greece.

greece flag akrotiri red beach santorini


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